2022 goals

Man, it’s 2022 already. Another year has passed, and I still suck at meeting my goals. 🤣 I want to walk through a quick review and talk about my new goals for this year.

Feel free to check out my 2021 goals here.

2021 Goal Review

It’s crucial to do a review of your previous goals. You may have assumptions about how well you did or did not do. Once you do a review, you can be confident of how you did and make improvements.


I need to do better with a few goals for 2022. One thing is being more explicit with my goals. The examples of “travel more” and “take more vacation time” come to mind. Those are agreeable goals, but they’re hard to quantify at the end of the year. Another thing is that I’d like to follow a pattern for setting goals, in particular, the framework described by Sahil Bloom on Twitter. His tweet describes a precise structure for how to think about goal setting. I highly recommend it.

2022 Goals

Alright, on to the substance of this blog post. Let’s talk about the goals I’m setting this year. I’m tracking the same goal categories that Sahil mentioned in his thread: Personal, Professional, and Health.




Goal Wrapping up

Happy New Year! I hope you have a great year. To our goals! 🍻